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Thread: Best settings?

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    Best settings?


    Whatís the best settings for your car? This is to prevent it sliding all over the place, faster acceleration basically make your car run perfect, if anyone has got a good set up please can you post it me on here please, Iím tired of my car sliding around and going off the track when braking etc.

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    Which car? The setup is pretty different for pretty much each one.

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    Which car? Which track? Track temp? Air temp? Weather? Surface? Tyre compound? Driving style? What controller? What controller settings? Do you like understeer or oversteer?

    Anyway, for setup beginners the game does have an in-game mechanic to help you out with problems so try there first.
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    In the setup menu there are basically two default setups to choose from, a Loose one and a Stable one. I think it typically selects Loose by default, so just switch it over to stable if you're struggling. On some cars, that makes a fairly drastic difference. Other than that use Race Engineer to tweak things but you'll have to be relatively conscious of the specific problems you're having in order too fix them (i.e. it's a problem with braking, I'm sliding straight on when I brake. Or I'm experiencing understeer mid-corner). If that is beyond you now, you'll just have to stick with the defaults and drive around the limitation of the setups until you understand the basics of car setup a little better (plenty of resources on the web to get you started. I'm hopeless at setups too, but know enough now to fix simple problems using Race Engineer).
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