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Thread: Whats the point of Safety Rating

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    Whats the point of Safety Rating

    Whats the point of a safety rating when i lose soo many points from noobs not knowing how to brake for an apex

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    Safety Rating is point based, it is letter based.

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    in S/A/B rated lobbies, you'll find fewer "noobs"
    Every car could be a race car, as long as you have the balls to drive it like that !

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    being most lobbies allow anyone and there is no punishment or risk of getting booted, you do have to wonder if there is a point to the safety rating - specially when you are trying to build your own.

    You just have to keep at it tho, at first it feels incredibly unfair and frustrating but it does build.
    We have all felt the pain mate.
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    When I started playing the game, I worked on my safety rating *first*. It's not that I wasn't trying to win races but I was not taking any risks to do so.

    The approach worked really well and as my safety rating improved, I was able to get into better races and compete with drivers that were less risky in general. That allowed me to compete a little harder while the overall risk of contact/losing my safety rating stayed low.
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    I agree with Twinz and the Safety rating is more important than the speed rating IMHO. The rating system is the only way to get the proper drivers together but you do have to "survive" that initial period where we all start as a U1500. I'm in the process now. A clear head and a plan is an easy way to do this and it doesn't take that long.

    I only race in lobbies with no driving aids. If there isn't one, start your own. If you have to pull over off the start line and wait for half the field to crash in turn 1, do it. Honestly, in my first 14 online races, in only one of those races did more than 3 cars actually get around and start lap 2. I can only speak for the XBox1 lobbies but it is pretty obvious to me with the driving aids and no damage of most open lobbies that 80% of the public community are using one of the most advanced driving simulations available and basically playing Super Mario Kart with it. These "drivers" simply can't join an E or higher rated lobby so that, to answer the question in your post, is the point of the safety rating.

    My eternal optimism is holding strong though as I move up the rating system and tighten the restrictions to enter my races that the real drivers will begin to notice and join in. I am banking on the safety rating system because at it's core, it's one of the most important features of PCars2.

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