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    F1 2018

    Anyone else playing F1 2018 besides the pcars2? I've been playing pCars2 about entire year now, and currently havin a break from it after started F1 2018. I'm really happy with it and I think it have some advantages over pCars2.

    1. Halo doesn't bother me after all. I'm glad it's there because it forced me to use Cockpit instead of TV cockpit. In 2016 and 2017 I played from TV cockpit which is not realistic. With cockpit I easily got used to the graphical wheen and hands, because you cannot hide them.

    2. Practise sessions has programs and passing them gives you points. So, doing all the practises is kind of fun and it is a bigger part of the game.

    3. F1 2018 does not force you to finish 3rd or better. You don't have to drive because of points earning, there is much more involved. I can be happy just finishing the race, not being in top-10.

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    F1 2018 is the only Codemaster F1 game that i havent got because it dosent have VR but i hear it is a great game i will get it on sale for sure .
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    own it too, as i hoped it would run in VR with VorpX.
    It does, but as its not officially supported currently, i do not use it.
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