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Thread: Never give up if you are slow. [or old]

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    Quote Originally Posted by satco1066 View Post
    just my personal opinion.

    TT is nice, but you dont learn how to race. Its just for fun.

    low fuel
    ghost. never have to look and care for compeditors
    fresh tires
    restart when you crash
    irrational setups like brake and radiators closed, low downforce
    nice weather

    for me that has nothing to do with racing. Its just gambling for highscores
    But..... read my first line again
    Yeah, of course, we all share our opinions and our point of views. For me, both are very important, time trial for improving your speed and races for improving your race craft and because of course it is a lot more fun

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    Congrats on that success to the OP.

    I suggest: up on anything you want to.achieve in life. Our brains can do things and learn new things until we die (....but it gets slower the older we are)
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