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Thread: Rear right tyre never gets warm! (Clio Cup, Knockhill) XB1X

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    Quote Originally Posted by neefoo View Post
    Oh, I see. I will have to accept that probably. It turns green, but only light green. Thanks for the info.

    Anything else you want to recommend me when handilng this car (in short). I know there is a whole thread about this car, but for now - i'll need a setup quick-fix (if there is any).
    Tried to lower pressure on tyres, but I hardly felt any difference.

    Thank you again for the blazing-fast feedback! =)
    Sorry if you have previously looked at this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cholton82 View Post
    Careful with lift off oversteer , Craner curves at Donington is good for testing this , modulating the throttle a bit keeps the rear in check but lift off through there and your going straight to the scene of the accident .
    I tend to do ok through the Craner curves but then I lose it at the Old Hairpin. Maybe because I'm trying to carry too much speed through that turn? But the AI is so fast through there you tend to overdrive it or you'll get hit in the rear end.
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