Hey guys,

We've tried troubleshooting this by ourselves but we can't quite come up with any setting that is affecting only 1 drivers tyres out of about 10 - 15 drivers. It's not usually the same person. I've experienced this issue before in a practise session.

A couple of times in our fixed setup Formula Rookie league we've had a couple of issues with the guys complaining about cold tyres not warming up. During practise it's not too bad as the driver can use the escape menu to return to the pits and reload the car. After the driver uses the return to pits function, usually they'll go back out without an issue.

During a race however it becomes a problem, no matter how many laps turned over a 30 minute race the tyres do not warm up. You can't return to the pits using the escape menu without forfeiting. Pitting and changing tyres does not resolve the issue. In our last race I took note that my tyres were green and the driver having the problem had solid blue tyres for the whole race - the colour didn't change.

The driver who had the problem had only restarted his computer and launched Discord / Project Cars 2 before getting into the session. Qualifying / Race 1 were fine.

Hosted using a dedicated server
Car: Formula Rookie
Track: Brands Hatch Indy

Race 2.

Realism settings;
Allow Auto Start Engine: Yes
Force Interior View: Yes
Force Driving Line Off: Yes
Force Default Setups: Yes
Force Manual Gears: Yes
Force Realistic Driving Aids: Yes
Allow Anti-Lock Brakes: N/A
Allow Traction Control: N/A
Allow Stability Control: N/A
Damage Type: Performance Impacting
Mechanical Failures: Yes
Allow Ghosted Vehicles: No
Force Manual Pitstops: Yes
Pit Stop Errors: Yes
Tyre Wear: Authentic
Fuel Depletion: Yes
Force Cooldown Lap: Yes

Race Settings
Duration Type: Time
Session Duration: 00:30
Date Type: Current Date
Custom Date: N/A
Session Start Time: 9:00am
Time Progression: 15x
Season: N/A
Weather Slots: 1
Weather Forecast: Light cloud
Weather Progression: Sync To Race
Start Type: Standing
Formation Lap: No
Mandatory Pit Stop: No