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Thread: Odd lobby behaviour, please explain if you can

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    On PC for sure.
    I guess Steam allows new nicknames easily.
    I am not against sects, but private lobbies exist, or you can say hi to people joining and when you plan to start the race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swass View Post
    I think those people belong to a league/group, and they have the group name in there. I've seen some RWB <something> drivers lately.
    RWB is quite a well known, and I've heard well run, league.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nono782 View Post
    About weird lobbies, I am regularly surprised with a certain kind of ones.
    You join and see 2 or 3 «*players*» who have the same nicknames or so (just the numbers change)
    Not a word, not a line in chat, they are just here waiting for what ? no idea.
    Seems like they never start the race.
    These guys (robots ?) just waste everybody’s time and pollute the main lobby.
    There should be a timeout for non active lobbies.
    I see this quite often, and it's always the same usernames. The usernames tend to be: PC1, PC2, PC3 and so on. Whenever I've joined their lobbies, they always kick me after 'x' amount of time. Really annoying.
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