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Thread: Screen freezes in selection screen in VR mode

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    Screen freezes in selection screen in VR mode

    I have been running PC2 since its release without any problem. Recently I went from screen to VR (HTC Vive Pro) and for some reason PC2 sometimes seems to freeze. It only does this when I am in a selection screen (for instance timetrail, screen where you can select car and circuit). Closing and restarting PC2 does not solve it and it freezes again. After some time and for no apparent reason it starts and runs fine for a while. Then the problem repeats.

    The problem only appears in the VR environment.

    I have no issues when racing, it is not like the hardware is not up to its task. Once I get past the selection screen I can race in VR on Le Mans with 30 cars in the rain for an hour without problems.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    don't know if it helps, but try to add -fpscap 100 in the launch parameters.
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    I have the same problem with HTC vive pro ..(see my thread ).

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