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Thread: Battlefield V

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konan View Post
    Which is a shame really... All those campaigns to choose from during all these years of war and we get what?
    Three... Pity full really...
    It used to be the other way around with titles like "Medal of honor", "Brothers in arms", "Call of duty"...
    The offline player is getting the short stick far too often these days IMO
    BFV has fewer campaigns than BF1, but they all last a bit longer so in the end the playing time will be similar. As far as 6 hours campaign go for a shooter game, it’s actually not that bad, there have been COD games in the past where the campaign was also just about 6 hours and before 2018 COD has always been known more as a single player game than BF. But of course that still doesn’t compare to a shooter that is dedicated to single player only, like for example Wolfenstein II.

    But I get what you are saying though, COD BO4 dropping the single player campaign this year for a Battle Royale mode, it something I absolutely disagree with and I will never buy that game just to boycot that kind of policy.

    I jumped into both COD WW2 and BF1 this summer and IMO they are both great value for money. WW2 has 3 segments with the single player campaign, the zombies coop and the multiplayer part. I haven’t jumped into zombies yet, played only a few chapters from the campaign but played a significant amount of multiplayer. It feels like a complete package to me. BF1 is in the same boat, it has good single player which I completed all stories (and honestly, I like the BF1 SP more than WW2, it is told in a great way, especially the first 2 war stories) and it has great multiplayer. Granted that’s only 2 segments compared to the 3 from WW2 but the multiplayer in BF1 is vastly superior to WW2 IMO, less brainless run and gun shooting but more tactical. And I absolutely love unlocking the codex entries as well and learning something about WW1, it’s as if a WW1 encyclopaedia is integrated into the game. Similar to all the extra tidbits in Gran Turismo Sport like the scapes, the museums and the news info, I absolutely dig that kind of polish.

    And then there is BFV, if you look at what we will get at launch it feels as if it’s only half the game. Only 8 maps at launch (with only 2 or 3 the first 6 months - I think Greece might be a theme and it being 2 maps). But, these days shooters like COD and BF have a lot of game modes for their maps so that helps to keep the low number of maps fresh as well. Then Firestorm (battle Royale) is missing, coop is missing and the last SP war story is missing. But in their defence, we do get 4 segments in total in the long run (SP, MP, BR & coop). Unlike Treyarch with COD, DICE isn’t pushing single player out of their game. For the long run (after the first 6 months) it looks like this will be a very complete package with a lot of content.

    Purely for the single player I don’t think BFV is worth the full price. But is BF1? Is WW2? IMO also not. Purely for single player I would only buy a game like Wolfenstein II that already has several hours of SP content just from the cutscenes alone.

    If you have no interest whatsoever in any of the coop or multiplayer modes then just wait until the price drops. I still disagree that DICE should just ditch the war stories all together though, I absolutely enjoy them and it is still a value within the game, maybe not at launch for the full price, but there are always sales periods or the subscription based services like EA Access or Microsoft Game Pass which allow you to just play a small portion of a game where the full price tag was not worth it.

    Having all that said, those first 2 War stories in BF1 (the Black Bessy tank and the aircraft raid on that huge zeppelin) are still amoung the best shooter game single player experiences I ever had (I think only COD: MW1 comes even close). Yes those stories are short, but I rather have short and memorable stories than long stretched out boring ones.

    In regards to getting ganked in BF1, Konan I think a lot has to do with the 3D spotting in that game, it’s beyond silly how it works there. Only recons can spot in BFV so there are a lot less Doritos above players’ heads. Also, there is a lot less random lethal fire in BFV than in BF1, no more gas grenades, no more behemoths, no more artillery trucks, no more mortars, etc. I am normally not the best MP shooter either with a sub 1 KD ratio. In WW2 my KD is 0.60 or so, in BF1 I think it’s only 0.40 and that’s even from using the cover from within behemoths a lot. But I couldn’t care less about my KD, I don’t play the game for that and in BF1 I’m mostly playing support or medic and get my satisfaction from helping our teammates with the occasional kills. In BFV however I already have a KD ratio from 0.90 coming from 2 nice games on Fjell. One I was playing as a sniper and got several kills while still learning how bullet drop works (normally I absolutely suck as a sniper but was doing an assignment for it), another game I was playing medic running around close to the action reviving teammates, throwing health packs around and getting a couple of kills in as well. There is also an “infantry focus” selection from the MP menu which allows you to leave out the vehicles. Fjell is already fun being an infantry + aircraft map but that last game as a medic was in that mode and very enjoyable.

    I can’t talk you into multiplayer if you don’t like it, but if your BF1 multiplayer frustration was dying every 5 seconds without knowing what was going on, I’d urge you to give BFV a fair try since it’s very different in that aspect. Sure there will still be chaos on the big maps where you have tanks, planes, infantry and V1 rockets but that is also what makes Battlefield Battlefield.
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    This looks to be a COD clone, hardly any vehicle combat.
    Waiting for the sale when it drops to a tenner.
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    Got thrown a 7 day Origin Access basic trial code so I guess I'll have a play using the 10 hour gameplay trial. Will be interesting to see how the changes they have made since the open beta have changed how it plays.
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