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Thread: No response to gearshifts on fanatec elite csl

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbeWoz View Post
    if the fanatec property page wont load, you need to reinstall the drivers. Windows updates have the tendency to break the fanatec drivers.

    I had this happen to me (again) recently. A quick reinstall of the fanatec drivers typically solves the problem.
    Only reinstalling an older version worked for me. But still it shouldn't happen if I'm honest...
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    And remember to plug it into a USB2 port. I was tearing my hair last night as my wheel started hanging in-game, and it didn't register fast direction changes, but just hung and sent me into the walls several times. I recently changed my CPU cooling and fiddled around with OC, so I thought PCARS2 might not like the changes. I kept undoing my tweaks, loading optimized defaults in BIOS etc. Nothing... When it was way after bedtime, I had the idea to check for the USB ports...well I had plugged the wheel to USB3 after installing the new cooler... Bravo moron! Plugged it back to USB2 and the problem was gone.
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