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Thread: Steam Controller - gyro steering set-up

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    Steam Controller - gyro steering set-up

    There don't seem to be any threads on this, which surprises me because I find gyro steering in Project Cars to be infinitely preferable to using the thumbstick. Having just got PC2 and done some menu fighting to get things working properly, I though I would share here. Hopefully somebody will find it useful. The in-game options are specific to PC2, but the Steam Controller settings apply equally to the original game.

    Steam controller configuration:
    1. Set gyro to Joystick Move. Then under gyro settings ...
    2. Output Axis to Horizontal Only
    3. Now open gyro Additional Settings ...
    4. Stick Response Curve should be Linear
    5. Dead Zone Inner slider should be at the minimum and Outer at the maximum
    6. Sensitivity Horizontal Scale slider: maximum
    7. Output Anti-Deadzone and Output Anti-Deadzone Buffer: minimum
    8. Assuming triggers used for acceleration and braking, for each trigger ...
    9. Set Soft Pull Action to Left/Right Trigger
    10. Soft Pull Trigger Style: Simple Threshold
    11. Soft Pull Point: maximum
    12. Trigger Range Start: minimum
    13. Trigger Ranger End: maximum
    14. Trigger Response Curve: relaxed (gives you more sensitivity at low revs, to help control wheel spin)
    15. [optional] set Full Pull Action to Handbrake or KERS keys

    PC2 options under Options / Controls Configuration:
    16. Steering/Throttle/Brake Deadzone: 0
    17. Steering/Throttle/Brake Sensitivity: 50
    18. Speed Sensitivity: 0
    19. Controller Damping: 50

    With that lot set up, you get a 1:1 relationship between your controller movement and the steering wheel movement in the game.

    Combined with RiftCat, my phone and a cheap headset, I end up with a very passable VR set-up without all the peripherals and hassle that a wheel + Vive entails.
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