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Thread: using paddles to look side and back

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    using paddles to look side and back

    With an older version of pc2 and all my other sims I mostly use a seq. shifter(G27) and use paddles to look left and right and both paddles to look back. But I just cant get both to look back anymore with the newest version (yes I cleared the entry for 'look back')

    Any tricks?

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    Hi there, the camera views don't operate this way any longer (although I'm not sure they ever did, but did notice some odd bugs when using all the keys simultaneously where, the camera would sometimes stay that way.

    I don't think this was specifically mentioned in the patch notes, so you will need to wait for one of the moderators to come online.

    Either way, your workaround for this is obviously to create a space for another button on your wheel for look back.

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