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Thread: PCDSG - Project Cars Dedicated Server GUI Launcher

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    PCDSG - Project Cars Dedicated Server GUI Launcher

    Project Cars Dedicated Server GUI:

    After a long time I decided to change and add a few things to PCDSG. Version 1.5 has been optimized for PCars2 and was also only tested with PCars2.
    It's already running for some time on a virtuel windows 10 system were I have access to with the name "AAA VR Community Server" and does the job.
    Now I finished the Lua Track Rotation part and decided to release it as version 1.5. The old settings/functions were not changed and should still work like in the old version.
    If you want more informations about all functions and settings check the old thread or the old PCDSG StartUp Guide.

    PCDSG GitHub Page
    The new version can be downloaded from the GitHub page.

    PCDSG 1.5, some explanations and first start instructions.

    As a base for my settings and to learn how to use Lua I have used the settings of the following thread:
    Dedicated Server Configuration - Sample - Weather + MultiClass REALLY FIXED! -2/25/18!-2-25-18
    Therefore it means that I have only tried it with the files form that thread. With these Files it should work without issues.
    If there are problems then use the files from the folder "Templates" or use the "Set to default" Button in RaceControl.

    Old PCDSG Thread (< PCDSG 1.5):

    Old PCDSG StartUp Guide (< PCDSG 1.5):
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    Last Version did still have a lot of Bugs.
    Fixed some of them in 1.51 and a lot more in 1.6.
    It includes fixes from Feedback and also some things I found by my own.
    Also added all class names and id's because it seams the lua files don't know them all by names (only popular classes).
    In the meantime I finished the HTML Result Page creation without the use of MS Excel too, at least the normal Result Page.
    A lot more was changed which makes it more user friendly.

    Here an short Video showing PCDSG 1.6 as some kind of preview.

    Video summary:
    00:00: First Start
    00:52: Add Apps
    01:29: Settings/HTML Result Page creation and path
    01:48: Race Control Settings
    02:50: Start Dedicated Server & Pcars 2
    03:57: Join Game (5 minutes Training)
    05:40: PCDSG Chat messages
    06:02 & 08:45:"Track Map View" Window
    06:40: "PCars DS Overview" Status Page Window
    07:00: "DS Web Interface" Window (found a mistake ;-))
    07:30: "HTML Result Page" Browser Window
    08:16: "Background Mode"/"Hidden Windows Mode" (Can be set to auto start like that, round Button is alwas on top)
    08:40: "User History Window" (Shows everyone that was already on the Server)
    10:23: HTML Page creation at the end of the Training and opening the created HTML File
    11:03: Ending the Video by using the Kick function in "PCars DS Overview" Window

    New Version PCDSG 1.6:

    • Fixed API user & password not detected
    • Fixed some vehicle class names not detected
    • Changed StartUp Guide (easier)
    • Removed "local" and "remote" Mode, added "Connect to DS" Button instead
    • Added new "Background Mode" with "Hidden Windows Button"
    • Added new Result Page HTML creation without the need of an MS Excel installation
    • Removed some unnecessary Buttons
    • Fixed a lot of Bugs in general

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    Hi. Will this work with the newly released AMS 2 dedicated server?

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