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Thread: Game Freeze on Startup from Steam with VR (Rift) Connected

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    Game Freeze on Startup from Steam with VR (Rift) Connected

    Each time I start PC2 from Steam, the game freezes on a black screen. Game will start up fine without the Oculus Rift Connected. I have attempted to start it in SteamVR mode and Oculus Mode. I have also attempted to start it from the Oculus Library as well. Game was uninstalled and reinstalled and I have this issue on both a (1060 6gb )laptop and desktop. I no longer have the laptop but my desktop specs are below.

    All other VR applications run perfectly fine.

    I noticed others have had this issue as well and I have reviewed those threads and attempted at each of the possible solutions. Unfortunately, none were my solution.

    For Information:

    PC2 on Steam
    Oculus Rift (Updated to latest firmware)
    RTX 2080
    I7 8700 3.2ghz
    16GB Ram
    250 gb SSD
    2TB HDD

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    start oculus home, then fire up PC2 from steam and select run Oculus mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Al View Post
    start oculus home, then fire up PC2 from steam and select run Oculus mode
    The same issue occurs. I had always been doing it this way ever since oculus home update where it requires oculus software to be open on the PC.

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    did you also turn off steam cloudsync and delete/rename documents\Project Cars 2 folder?
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    If it happened on both systems independently of each other does this not maybe point to an issue with the rift hardware

    By freezing do you mean you see this in the mirrored image on your monitor?
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