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Thread: Suspension Travel Flashing Red

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    If you were use an Analysis Tool, you could see what Ride Height you're actually at. It can also show you the FFT of your spring travel. Or, just listen to and feel your car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShneebnaMRR108 View Post
    I watched the You Tube and I actually don't get what you were trying to show. If you want to see if the car is bottoming out, just view in rear 3rd person on track, and if it hits the ground you will see sparks, and you should hear some scrapping sound, and possibly a drop off in speed, or some effect in handling. If you're trying to figure out why a game does this or that, you are just wasting time that could be spent driving. Just add some BS, RH, and or SPR.
    So at 0:02-0:07 the rear left is clearly bottomed-out at 0.0 cm. Nothing is flashing red (image 1)
    Only after the height returns to a non-zero value does the bar flash red (image 2). In the video's case, a height greater than 1.0 cm.

    The same thing occurs at 0:18, this time with the scraping sounds.

    Just looking for clarification on what exactly the telemetry means by that.

    Is it dangerously fast suspension travel? Is it modeling a recovery?
    Why doesn't the height bar flash red when the height is 0.0 cm?

    It's always been unclear to me what the game means.

    Image 1
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    Image 2
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