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Thread: Low framerate after going to out from the pit

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    Low framerate after going to out from the pit

    Hi there. I have the PC from many years. About two weeks ago i want to take a ride. Going to free practise. I have about 50-70 fps before. After i start the practise and the car goint out from pit to the track after the manual control the framerat drops down to 12-24. I dont know why. Try to reinstall the game, reinstall my computer. If somebody have an idea, how to solve this problem, please write it down. Thank you. P.S. Sory for my english.

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    the physics change when the AI hands over, the player physics are much more complex and will tax your system. Turn the settings down (a lot), start low and work up.

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    Thank you for your post. I find the problem. It was the windows update 1809. I uninstall the update. Now the game goes right. Thank you.

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