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    UDP questions

    I'm working on a leaderboard project for consoles. It currently runs on a Raspberry Pi, and it reads UDP (laptimes etc) and stores everything in a database on the Pi. It also scrapes leaderboards from cars2-stats-steam-page, so now I can see my laptimes mixed with the PC players! Console leaderboards on a per car/track-combo, pretty awesome actually! We're looking at moving as much as possible of it to Azure, so that everyone uses the same db.

    Now the questions. The scraper script obviously gets laptimes etc, but also Setup (Default/Custom), Controller (Wheel/Gamepad/Keboard) and Camera (In-car/External). Is there anyway to get/guess these things from UDP?

    There's a Joypad and a Dpad field in the UDP. Could one assume that if they are null during the lap, that the player uses a wheel? (Excluding keyboard players, sorry!)

    Is there something in the UDP that could reveal that a custom setup is used?

    All theories welcome!
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