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Thread: HDR brightness with OLED LG B-series TV - Problem! =(

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    Question HDR brightness with OLED LG B-series TV - Problem! =(

    Happy New Year!

    A while a go I posted the info to the devs regarding the poor implementation of changing brightness in this game. When compared to other games which handles HDR, PC2 is a bit on the worse side.

    As many OLED LG TV users might be aware of (I personally own the B7 55"), LG have lowered the HDR brightness on their sets making HDR gaming very dim and dark on these TVs.
    In other games, this is not such a big problem - you can partly correct this with the built in brightness slider (often a part of the HDR "in game" settings), so you will find the picture OK anyway. With PC2, you can indeed change the brightness and HDR settings, but it does not feel that well implemented. You turn out to get at very dull and dark looking gameplay.

    So.. Is this really the game devs problem? Well, depends on how you see it. As I told you, the brightness slider is much better in other games, you can boost the brightness quite a lot (still with HDR funcionality).

    Have a look at the arcade racing game Forza Horizon 4 for example. No problems what so ever. In PC2 - i need to either boost the OLED background lighting to 100 procent, or switch to another HDMI-mode on the TV which is called "PC". I will then get a much brighter image. But for some this is not a solution at all. First of all, the HDR seem to be corrupted in some way, and in other cases you will get gradient bandings on the screen. There is an option to go pass this in XB1X, if you change to 4:4:4 as color handling. But that will give you quite a lag in the gameplay, reactions of the controls is delayed.

    I have got no comment from the devs on this, but I guess its not too hard to implement better brightness adjustments. The thing is, HDR is not very well supported in the game over all, from what Ive read. But I dont care about that, the main problem is the game beeing too dark when Im playing it, and Im not in a mood where I want to swich from HDR on and off on my XB1X either.

    The LG B-series is a very popular and common OLED-TV. I know a lot of peple using these sets, and Ive understood, by reading in forums that a lot of people are affected in this matter.
    Of course, the problem in the first place was LG wanted to correct their HDR, since it was too bright. So they did. But the panel (B7-series) is not that bright anyway - so everything looks dull - IF you cant correct this in the games. And in PC2, things are indeed too dark. Yes, the HDR tones looks probably correct, but I would prefer a tad brighter screen to super-correcT (which is isnt anyway) HDR.

    Would it be possible for the devs to take a look into this? It might be an easy fix and a easy way to get the LG users "happier" again.
    Maybe you can contact LG and see if you can take actions from both sides if possible. Then only thing LG has done so far is to tell the users do use HIGH Dynamic contrast - which look crap.
    If you can have a look into it, it would be a start for sure. =)

    This problem applies not only to XB1X users, but to PS4Pro users as well, from what ive understand.

    A wish you all a happy 2019!
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PC2_HDR.jpg 
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    Does it looks like this? (Monitor is an BenQ EL2870UE monitor), see on the bottom, on the right side of BenQ logo.

    i'll see if i can capture some more examples

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