It happens to my lobbys,that people canīt take part in the qualifying session and there only stands wait.
Happans after the first or second race and I have to set up a new one.
Itīs always for 16 people and there are no problems in the first race.
What can that be?Even if I have my 50MB download connection I have the same problem and hosting is not fun anymore.
It started a while ago,it was not from the beginning on.Iīm playing for months now.
Has somebody a suggestion?

Others donīt have that problem,but in some lobbys there stood:Canīt take part,too many players in the lobby even if itīs not full of people and there are only two or so.It might be a bit like that.
Or after a race,you canīt start another race without selecting a race director and broadcaster,that happened in other lobbys.Thatīs also strange.

Please help me if you can.

Thank you