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Thread: Per car force feedback settings

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    Per car force feedback settings

    Hi all.

    I did search the forum but couldn't find an answer to this. Is there a way on PC to adjust force feedback per car. I don't find the weight very consistent between cars and want to make tweaks without changing the overall feedback settings.


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    Unfortunately this is one feature they removed from pCars 1.

    I highly recommend makin sure you have FFB volume and perhaps FFB flavour sliders on quickly accessible button maps or keyboard keys (mine are mapped to keypad -/+ and keypad 0 and Del respectively). This way I get my desired amount of FFB for every car with just a few taps.. and I can keep adding more FFB once the tires start to wear out to get more detailed feedback at the critical time.
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    .. please SMS, make the AI faster in rain before shelving the game for good. Please! Love this game dearly!

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