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Thread: [XB1] 24H Series DUBAI 2019

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    [XB1] 24H Series DUBAI 2019

    XBOX Club: The Project Cars Racing Club
    Host: Lakiboom

    If you are careful and respectful player, you don't quit the race if something goes wrong - join our Endurance race. There are only 12 spots. Check "Looking for group" page in our xbox club or send me a message.

    Date: January 12 (Saturday)
    Time: 19:30 GMT

    Track: Dubai Autodrome GP
    Car Class: GT3
    Qualification: 20 min
    Race: 90 min
    Mandatory PIT: Yes
    Formation lap: No
    Start: Rolling

    Time progression: x15
    Tyre wear: Accelerated
    Assists: Authentic
    Fuel: On
    Damage: Full
    Mechanical Damage: Yes
    Manual Pits: Yes

    Rolling start rules: To avoid cheating when race starts every player have to push PIT LIMITTER button. After lights goes green-green-green release pit limiter and race.

    Also our GT1 Championship. 2 Rounds to go.

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    Real race:

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