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Thread: no more than 4/5 online public lobbies?

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    no more than 4/5 online public lobbies?

    Hi all!
    after years of offline racing I suddenly decided (god knows why) to try online.
    Is it normal that I usually see no more than 4/5 (rarely 8) available lobbies? (no private lobbies at all)

    In this momente, for example, no more than 20/25 people playing this game WORLD WIDE?!!
    I understand many migrated to PC2 but still....

    Is it maybe an hardware/connection issue? I didn't forwarding port but the "connection test" on ps4 says NAT 2 so...

    Sorry for the naive question but I'm really surprised...

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    I haven't touched pcars1 since the pcars 2 come out . Time too move on my friend lol. Plenty of lobbies and people that run leagues.

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