Hi everyone...
Still playing (occasionally the original PC on a standard PS4).
Has been a busy 12 months with redundancy and finding a new job!

Have decided I’d like to join the PC2 party. I’m aware that my CSW-V2 won’t work anymore with my PS4, but understand that the Drivehub device may be my best solution (as I don’t wish to start spending loads of money on a new wheelbase!)

Your thoughts and advice please on the Drivehub as a means for me to enjoy PC2 with my current gear that includes the Fanatec shifter, V3 pedals and a Universal Wheel Hub with GT style wheel.

From what I understand, will I have to connect all the devices to the Drivehub (so have to purchase a Fanatec USB cable), or will I still be able to connect everything through the CSW-V2 base..?

Is there a ‘Game of the Year’ version of the second game on the horizon, like the first..?

Thanks in advance for your time...