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Thread: [RESOLVED] Game not loading from steam

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    [RESOLVED] Game not loading from steam

    Hello And thank you all in anticipation
    I am a 70yr old Pc Racing Simmer
    I have just reinstalled Project Cars 2 after deleting it from my Steam Account last October it loaded and played no problem . Now when trying to load I get a small black screen no picture only sound . It loads fine via nvidia game experience
    and plays no problem . I have verified local files in steam library all there
    My pc spec
    windows 10 64 bit
    Intel i7 Skylake 6700K 4Ghz CPU
    Gigabyte Z170-HD3P Motherboard
    NVidia GTX 1080 DDR 5 8Gb Graphics
    16GB Kingston Hyper X Fury DDR4 24
    Samsung 1Tb ssd
    Iiyama 27" Prolite 2790HS x 3 All drivers up to date

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    The Nvidia Geforce Experience does some bad things with games. Make sure to disable PC2 inside of it so it doesn't try to "optimize" PC2. Then delete the 'graphicsconfigdx11.xml' file in folder "\Documents\Project CARS 2". Try to load PC2 then from Steam and see if the video launches.
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    Thank you Mahjik for you help and advice I will try it on Tuesday as I am away at the moment kind regards to you

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    Hi Mahjik I did as you advised . I have removed Nvida game experience .
    The game loads straight away from Steam . Once again THANK YOU
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