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Thread: Help Please - DFGT Have to turn steeringwheel nearly 360 degrees to corner

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    Help Please - DFGT Have to turn steeringwheel nearly 360 degrees to corner

    Having an issue with my wheel and PC2. No matter what cars I use I am always having to turn the wheel at least 270degrees to get round a corner. I have my steering wheel in the Logitech profiler set to 900degrees of rotation and in game I have calibrated it to 900 also.

    I never had this problem only a couple of days ago but for seem reason has appeared today.

    I have tried resetting my settings to default, re-calibrating, re-installing the drivers and deleting all the games settings and starting again but am having no luck. Tried a search to see if anyone has had this issue but couldn't find anything.

    Any help would be massively appreciated.

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    My best guess would be that the calibration went wrong. Imo the help text is a bit confusing.
    Turn the wheel all the way to the left, then press A/Enter/Whatever button it is to save. Then recenter the wheel, then turn it 90 degrees to the right and press A/Enter/Whatever to save.
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