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Thread: Mounting rift sensor up high, is it ok?

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    Mounting rift sensor up high, is it ok?

    I am putting the finishing touches on my new PC VR setup. One of them is neatening up some wiring. My rig is sort of "mobile" as it is setup in my theater room. I have it on carpet sliders so I can move it and a quick plug and play setup with my PC hidden in another room. Currently I have the rift sensor attached to my rig on a bracket that came with it for a monitor mount. Its temporary as I have it ziptied on there for now. If I do not want to use VR I need to pull the monitor mount out of the rig. What I want to do is mount the sensor to the wall. However, due to I run a projector, I need to mount it above the screen. Which is at about 7 ft. Would it be ok for me to mount the sensor above the screen and point it down at the rig? (see pic) Or would it be too much of an angle? You can see in the picture of how i have the sensor mounted currently. If I have to, I can also put it next to the screen and lower, but I would like to keep the sensor out of plain sight if possible which is why I want to go above the screen, plus it will be cleaner wiring it that way also.

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    should be no big problem to mount it left or right to the screen
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    Yes you can. I have 2 Oculus sensors mounted that way.
    What line?
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