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Thread: Second screen UDP App lagging

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    Second screen UDP App lagging

    Hi all,

    I'm finding it hard to have the 2nd screen applications running smoothly.

    I'm running PC2 on the xbox one x, and the UDP settings are set to Project Cars 2 and with a frequency of package set to "2".

    I'm running my applications on my WIN10 laptop, vHUD, RDASH etc., common is that some sessions runs smootly, while others tend to have lag interruptions.. It seems like the input for the applications are stopping occasionly making the application freeze while waiting for new inputs from the game.

    During the same session I tried multiple applications to find out wheather it was the application or a general issue. And all the applications I tried had the same issue during that session...

    Could it be network settings or other settings that could do the trick? Anyone else who has experienced these kind of issues and found a solution?

    Thanks in advance

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    Actually I found that my UDP is set to "Project Cars 1", as the applications does not run with the "Project Cars 2" UDP. However, I read that if lags occurred, you might need to reduce the packages to "4", and it seemed to work out for me at least the first hour of gameplay... Then lags started to occur again.. Any suggestions?

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    The UDP broadcast is a local broadcast, i.e. only on your local network. It's likely an issue with your router. This will not have anything to do with the bandwidth to your ISP. Typically, broadcast traffic is not wanted so most home routers are configured to see it as a flood and try to sent resets back to the sender.

    Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure would be to either capture the packets on your network and see what's going on (not an easy or fun thing to do), or try a different router. Another option is to put a network switch in front of the router.
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