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Thread: Career racing still buggy..

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    Career racing still buggy..

    Time after time I keep trying the career mode, I want to complete the single player mode.
    I've eventually got into the GT4 and using the porsche cayman GT4, racing the red bull ring in the wet..
    During practice in the wet I can bang out consistent 1:00.500 during qualifying can set the fastest lap.
    Start the race fine and can slowly pull away from the pack, until the 3rd lap, every time it's the 3rd bloody lap and the car starts spinning as I turn in, doesn't matter if I'm on the brakes, throttle or coasting.
    I have authentic on so running abs and TCS and that is all tweaked nicely for the wet, allows me a little slip and with the diff settings the car is even controllable through puddles. But the 3rd lap, doesn't matter what corner it just spins... GRRRRR!.. Rant over, still love the game.

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    Are you on OG XB1 or XB1 X?
    Only on XB1 X can the game run properly with more than 14 AI.
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