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Thread: Game freezes on collision

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    FWIW, it doesn't matter if another title works just fine. Unless the two games share the exact same game engine (i.e. say both titles use the Unity game engine), they will be programmed completely different and will work completely different.
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    I assumed it would load all that stuff beforehand. With War Thunder the maps are much bigger and there's like 32 players at a time and the game loads all that beforehand, I actually find myself impressed with how well it handles it. I don't know why PCARS2 needs to load a file on collision, I don't see any physical damage to the vehicle so I can't imagine it's loading a new model but even if it is shouldn't it do that beforehand? Either way, I'll still be moving it over before I play again. The disk only has those two games on it and some old photos so even windows leaves it alone, especially since I've cannibalized it to the point it doesn't so much as think about downloading an update without my permission. (I updated yesterday and it needed to install october's first)

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    There's no LiveTrack 3.0 in the maps of War Thunder though

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