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Thread: Wheel still feels wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaskarspants View Post
    ^^^^. I only tried zero FX after reading a post ages ago from a developer saying FX is a boost. I was running high FX at the time and lowering it stopped my ffb feeling congested. I think on low torque wheels FX can overwhelm the subtle forces that are more useful.

    If impacts feel too low at zero FX a slight increase in tone can help. I currently run a slightly higher tone and must change my sig. My latest preferred is raw 100, 50, 50, 0 with vol adjusted to stop clipping.
    Iíll be back on it tomorrow morning , will give it another go . It felt smoother and lost the sometimes notchy feeling.

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    Post your settings if you actually want some help from us !
    Also tell us what firmware you are using

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    Yeah firmware is big . I just did mine a month ago didn't no it needed it . But I could tell it was a little more accurate same with my T500 a little better more accurate as well

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