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Thread: LMP1 real life Fuel Challenge

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    LMP1 real life Fuel Challenge

    So as many of you know if you have driven the LMP1 cars they are allot faster than in real life but we have the advantage of pushing as hard as we want and burning more fuel than in real life so I've did some digging online and found that about 4 liters a lap ( I could be wrong but I think I'm close) is what they can use each lap and that's why you see them lifting and coasting and even lifting before the start finishe line. Well in this video I forced myself to cross the line with 4L of fuel and had to do allot of lifting just like in real life and got almost exactly the same lap time as the real life time. That being said I'd like to invite the community to compete in a community event per say with the same challenges they face in real life, to get around Le Mans in the TS050 as fast as possible without running out of fuel. As you'll see in the video I ran out of gas right before the start finish line almost just like the real life lap. I was super excited that it was so close to the real life time. Well good luck friends and hope to see your laps. Rules on exactly how to complete this challenge and how to submit your time (using video) are at the end of the video. Have fun
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