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Thread: Farewell PCars 2 - We've Had a Good Ride, But..........

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    Still in love with Pcars 2. But that said, I don’t play in MP..
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Wright View Post
    <snip>.....Now Ian says PC3 aims to blow everything else out of the water and you know it won't just be a polished version of PC2.
    But.. A polished version of PC2 would be fantastic, lol. Instead it will be a new game, with new challenges and new bugs, perhaps even on top of old bugs.
    If the bugs aren't fixed withing a set time-frame, then its just the same story... PC4 will blow everything out of the water...

    I'm still very fond of PC2 for what its worth. I'm not saying it's terrible.. but it can be frustrating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Wright View Post
    PC1 and PC2 both pushed the sate of the art (netcode excepted). Now Ian says PC3 aims to blow everything else out of the water and you know it won't just be a polished version of PC2.
    The thing is though.. new features and "innovation" don't mean anything if it's all bugged up and people can't enjoy the new innovation. This is partially what has happened with various SMS products. For instance in pC2 we got this awesome seasonal stuff and more advances to the rain and tire model.. but none of that can be properly enjoyed due to various shortcomings or bugs. For instance the immediate aquaplaning in deeper puddles, regardless of car speed (yes even virtually at stand still) which renders some hairpin corners unrealistic death traps which kills the immersion.. or the fact that the AI can't be at all competitive in rain or snow conditions, even when set to maximum difficulty. And of course none of this works on larger multiplayer hosted sessions due to the various issues with netcode. Thus these innovations become sort of meaningless unless you only hotlap and disregard tracks with tight hairpins.

    It's nice with innovation but completely useless if the new features only end up being marketing bullet points and eye candy.

    Personally I'd much more prefer a very solid game. One that isn't much different from pC3 but rather a tiny increment in fidelity/new tech and _massive_ leap forward in polish and feeling to a classic well made AAA title. One that "just works". That would be huge in this day and age and would be a very welcome marketing bullet point.
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