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Thread: What cars are you great/good/bad at in PC2?

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    Lotus 49. I can't drive it very well. Suck at rotating the car. But if I drive it like a modern car I have a bit of speed, which ultimately isn't as fast as it can be driven.
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    Great: high DF cars (Indy, LMP2 mainly). These are easiest for me to drive hard, closer to the limit and seem to mask my limited talent.
    Good: GT3 / GTE, RWD street cars getting better with all of these as I get better with brake / throttle balancing control, minimizing steering lock (improving at rotation management)
    Bad: FWD, Rally cars

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    Great: Cars i have spent a lot of time in.
    GT3 Acura and Mercedes
    GTE Ford
    Lotus 78

    Good: Cars I have spent just a few hours with.
    Group 5
    Formula X

    Bad: Cars I have spent a little time in which is still a lot.
    Cars slower than GT3
    Drift Cars
    Historic Cars
    Road Cars

    For me the MX-5 Radbull might as well be a skateboard with a 1000 horsepower. Hit the gas and off the track I go.
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