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Thread: No pit crews

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    No pit crews

    Spent the past hour or so on google and looking around forums but didnt find anything so i decided to make an account.

    Iv raced quite a few types of cars now and never once seen a pit crew. They are set to all in options but never show up.

    Iv tried pitting in practice, in the race, after submitting a request, without submitting a request. Its very dissapointing as its one of the things i was looking forward to.

    So am i missing something here or are they bugged?

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    i set them also to all in settings
    and in online races they work.
    cant remember about offline races though.
    dont know if i ever pitted in offline races or the career.

    have you tryed online races and pitting?
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    They should be seen in online races as well as in offline races.
    Try to set them to "player only" for a change and then pit after a request in a race and see if they show up. As far as I can remember, they always showed up in my races.
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