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Thread: Xbox one X - video freezing frequently

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    Xbox one X - video freezing frequently

    I see that there have been multiple posts regarding this issue in the past. In the last few days I've been experiencing multiple video freezes and frequently. I haven't been in online lobbies and had it occur but my last online race was last Saturday (today is Tuesday). It's occurring in Custom Race and Practice modes.

    Other information is that I have UDP telemetry info enabled. I use wireless on the console with a very fast connection (600Mbps). I've tried the reset by holding the power button in for 10 seconds, will try removing power for a minute next.

    I have seen info from people where they've had router related issues (this would only be with online and I haven't had any issues until two days ago) and another who claimed that he places a fan to cool his Xbox. I run with all graphics settings at max since I am 4K capable and that's why I bought the Xbox One X.

    So I'll try the fan as well. Hopefully SMS watch these posts?



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    I don't get any freezes and I have not experienced any overheating. I suppose it is possible for the Xbox to overheat and slow down but I have not seen this on mine.

    Is your Xbox x attached to any exterior drives? If so I do recall some issues with instals on exterior drives causing some issues.

    It is also possible that you have a faulty Xbox, one poster here had similar symptoms iirc and discovered it was a faulty X.
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    Some freezes have been related to internet issues. Yes you may have a fast connection or may not be actually in an online race at all but I have seen it reported, its been reported in TT races also.

    Quick test. Disconnect from the internet completely. The game will load the last console save (not the cloud save). If the freezes go away you have 1 of 2 issues. First being, a possible corrupt save. This is actually quite common( I have experienced this). 2. If its not a corrupt save, its something with your connection even though you have a fast connection. Speed means nothing if other things are not operating correctly in your settings.

    For example. I have 2 Xbox One Xs in my home. I have a 350mbps connection. 1 is wired, 1 is wireless less than 10 ft from the router in the same room.

    The wired connection, always stable, perfect, never an issue.

    The wireless, I notice lag, stutters ETC in ALL online games. Not just Pcars2

    PUBG being the worst. If you ever have played PUBG, you drop out of the plane into the map. On my wired connection, all terrain, houses, gear etc, is ALWAYS populated instantly.

    On my wireless system, I drop in, houses look like marshmallows, gear is not there, the environment isnt loaded. Sometimes it takes a good 30-60secs once I get to the ground for stuff to populate.
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