Hello everyone, iīve been playing Project Cars 1 and 2 for a year, but nowdays i think those game are broken. From january to june i was enjoying Pc1 a lot and, in june, i bought a Thrusmaster TMX and Project Cars 2. The game is INCREDIBLE and i think itīs one of the best racing game of the generation, itīs very enjoyable, funny and it has very good content, but since august itīs almost impossible for me to have a serious race.
In 90% of races the image freezes several times for one or two seconds (or more) and then it continues, i have serious lag (Offline!) and the game goes very wrong. I have tried deleting my profileīs save data and, the first race after that was correct, but the following ones were with the same problems; i have tried changing my xbox profile but it doesnīt work and i have tried changing the game but there wasnīt any result.
I have that problems only on Project Cars 1 and 2 and, at the beginning without wheel, Pc1 has some freezes, but maybe 2 or 3 in five months. Both games are in their physical version and i have only these problems with them. Games like Assetto Corsa (with the exception of one time that i had servers problems), Dirt Rally and none racing games (Gta V, Battlefield 1, Rocket Leauge, Farcry 4, etc.) go perfect on my Xbox.
I was thinking about selling those games and buying the uncoming Gtr3 or ACCompetizione, but i donīt actually want to stop playing it, beacause these are very good games...
If anyone could help i will be so glad.

Thank so much for reading.