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Thread: Techincal Problems (Project Cars Xbox One)

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    Angry Techincal Problems (Project Cars Xbox One)

    Hello everyone, iīve been playing Project Cars 1 and 2 for a year, but nowdays i think those game are broken. From january to june i was enjoying Pc1 a lot and, in june, i bought a Thrusmaster TMX and Project Cars 2. The game is INCREDIBLE and i think itīs one of the best racing game of the generation, itīs very enjoyable, funny and it has very good content, but since august itīs almost impossible for me to have a serious race.
    In 90% of races the image freezes several times for one or two seconds (or more) and then it continues, i have serious lag (Offline!) and the game goes very wrong. I have tried deleting my profileīs save data and, the first race after that was correct, but the following ones were with the same problems; i have tried changing my xbox profile but it doesnīt work and i have tried changing the game but there wasnīt any result.
    I have that problems only on Project Cars 1 and 2 and, at the beginning without wheel, Pc1 has some freezes, but maybe 2 or 3 in five months. Both games are in their physical version and i have only these problems with them. Games like Assetto Corsa (with the exception of one time that i had servers problems), Dirt Rally and none racing games (Gta V, Battlefield 1, Rocket Leauge, Farcry 4, etc.) go perfect on my Xbox.
    I was thinking about selling those games and buying the uncoming Gtr3 or ACCompetizione, but i donīt actually want to stop playing it, beacause these are very good games...
    If anyone could help i will be so glad.

    Thank so much for reading.

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    Even offline play can be affected by internet connection, it seems. Try to unplug internet. Also, use a wired connection if possible, not wifi.
    Other things to try: clear blueray cache, and always shutdown like this: back out to main menu in-game, then xbox button - scroll to Project Cars 2 - 'burger button' - select 'quit. Then hold down xbox button on console ca 10 seconds for a complete shutdown.
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    Xbox 1? X or S? How full is the hard drive?
    I am running a TMX w/a Xbox 1X and have none of the issues mentioned.

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    Try turning game streaming and capture off too
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    Hi guys, thank so much for replying. Iīve been looking for solutions on this forum and i found one link (if you wanted it, send me a message, because i cannot share it with this account). You have to deactivated Teredo; i couldnīt do it, beacause i have no idea how to do, but i tried playing without Internet connection and the game ran well. I think thatīs the solution, but i have to keep playing to check it... On the other hand, i will try the wired connection.
    The 10 seconds shutdown doesnīt work, but i always shutdown like that.
    I have never tried turning off capture and streaming.
    Mi xbox itīs the Xbox One S and i have full the 80% of the disc more less.
    Share this solution, because a lot of people have this problem and i think Internet connection itīs the main cause of the problem.

    Thank you so much for helping me; keep driving and have fun.
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