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Thread: [NO CHAT]Project CARS 3 Wishlist & Ideas

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    [NO CHAT]Project CARS 3 Wishlist & Ideas

    Please use this thread for "Wishlists" only and take any conversation/discussion over here:

    The general idea is that IF the devs need some reference thread to look for idea's they'll have a nice,clean,conversation free one to go to...

    Thank you

    • Full VR support on PC and console.
    • Full IndyCar series.
    • Full NASCAR series.
    • F1, but I can't see that happening.
    • Console to have feature parity with PC version. This means support for dedicated servers as well as peer to peer, custom lobby names etc.
    • 40 players the absolute minimum across all platforms but I'd be hoping for far more - 60 cars round Le Mans? Oh yes!
    • Driver swaps and ability for co-drivers to control pit strategy etc and option for them to be spotter.
    • Full course yellows. I'd like to see option for automatic/game driven yellows as well as yellows managed by marshals.
    • Cross platform support! Consoles able to utilise PC dedicated server.
    • Livery editor for cars and helmets. Ability to share them.
    • Allow hosts to select which setup items are default and which can be set by the drivers. Allow hosts to produce a setup and make it default for a specific session or series.
    • Race replays that can cope with endurance races. We need these for race marshalling race incidents - vital for good league racing.
    • Better lobby customisation. E.g. Ability to set which cars can be chosen rather than just which classes.
    • Host kick.
    • More cars and tracks of course! :-)
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    I think we all know they'll improve the graphical elements of the game.

    But I'd like to have some focus on a few things. I know many of these won't really be affected by the working hours of the people at SMS as they're on different aspects but I'll give them anyway:
    A GT Sport style livery editor and sharing platform. It's the best part about that game and I'd love to see other franchises do a similar implementation with multi-platform games having a single place so we can see what the PC guys can do etc.
    More cars on track. Ideally, I'd love to recreate a 100+ cars Nurburgring 24h or the 63 cars of the Spa 24 hours but the return to PCARS1 numbers is also fine. Maybe with the option to use both pitlanes like the Spa 24 or just the F1/WEC one.
    More ovals. Ovals are exciting and the traditional NASCAR 43 cars on it would be awesome.
    Improved Indy 500 experience. I'd like the implementation of Indy 500 style single car oval qualifying. As we have 33 cars from the Indy 500 and only a 32 car field, we could have a Bump Day style event.
    Additional qualifying formats. Similar to the one above but with other qualifying formats like the Road/Street IndyCar format with 2 groups of 12 and fastest 6 from each group then the fastest 6 or the F1 style qualifying system. Separate qualifying per class with the ability to watch.
    Raceroom style car selection. It may appear confusing but it does the job and I'm sure an SMS implementation would make it easier to use.
    iRacing style online events. Sometimes, I just want to be matched up with a group of people and have a race quickly.
    Fill out series calendars. It's not the case for British GT now with the loss of Rockingham but that was an example of a series where one track was missing. The BTCC only has Thruxton and Croft missing now Rockingham has gone and other series are missing races.
    More laser scanned tracks. Some non-scanned tracks are fine but Sonoma, Spa, Monza and Zolder would be nice to see scanned for example.
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    -Online driver swaps
    -More stable multiplayer
    -Larger grid capacities
    -Custom Single-Player Championship
    -Ability to name AI
    -Custom Livery
    -Custom Liveries viewable online
    -Livery share
    -Scheduled online racing(a crossover between iRacing and GTS, I could expand)
    -Different weekend formats eg Super Pole, 2nd and 3rd races, Reversed Grid
    -Mid-race saves in single player
    -Laser scanned tracks
    -More content

    If I put to much more I would just be creating my perfect sim, rather than a potential Project CARS 2 sequel.
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    an offline championship editor
    a system of flags: FCY, cautions in ovals ...
    a personalized grid
    the license V8 supercars
    longer championships with consistent competitors
    More presentation videos: starting grid, circuit presentation, podium ...
    reverse grid ...

    But my priority is the offline championship editor.
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    - Built in Livery Editing with automatic sharing for online racing
    - Better recording of personal best times for each track/car combination a la GPLRank
    - Formula E
    - Point-to-Point Rallying
    - Drag Racing
    - Touge Racing
    - Targa Florio
    - Mille Miglia
    - Pikes Peak Hillclimb
    - Mod support for adding both cars AND tracks
    - A full F1 grid.. for several eras (Perhaps even pre-F1... 1930s?)
    - Return of all cars that were in PC1 and not in PC2 (I miss the Atom)
    - Truck racing
    - More 'normal' road cars that we might actually drive for real.
    - Maybe even some slightly wacky choices (MPVs, SUVs, Vans)

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    - functioning console leaderboards (already mentioned)
    - flags and true yellow/red/blue penalties...maybe with a pace car
    - either servers for consoles or the ability to create our own custom server for enhanced stability

    (epic things that were done right on console which can't be understated)
    - keyboard support
    - online championships
    - a good, strong attempt at licensing
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    Bulletproof multiplayer.
    Better leaderboard on consoles.
    Telemetry that is easy to read and you can always recall, so you can better tune everything.
    Better slowdown system, one that is consistent and fair and also easy to use.
    Better AI
    A career that is interesting
    more laserscanned circuits
    MINIMUM of bugs
    Kerbs that are more nuanced
    A better working flag system
    more interesting racecars(like this edition) and less streetcars
    that would be a start
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    Project CARS 3 Wishlist & Ideas & Reviews

    Think of this thread as a idea box for Project CARS 3, and for other things related to Project CARS 3, list your concerns, ideas, wishes, and thoughts on Project CARS 3.

    am I excited for PC3? no, I never get excited for a game, last time I got excited it turned out to be a hot pile of vomit, and i'm never letting this emotion called excitement control me ever again.

    but am I looking forward towards Project CARS 3? yes. I wont buy it day one, usually I wait a few months, see what the reviews are, and join in on the fun.

    What I would like to see in Project CARS 3

    (Career Modes)
    a DiRT style career mode mixed in with PCARS 2:
    -drive for another team and build up money in order to buy our own racing team.
    -choose (player) team names.
    -choosing who to crew out new team.
    -choosing what cars out team will be associated with.
    -choosing the liveries of (players) cars.
    -sponsors, numbers, stickers, LED lighting strips, Digital Position Boards.
    -choose what series you'll race in.
    -different disciplines (rally, oval, gt, open wheel, rally cross, endurance, prototype, historic)

    AI races their own teams against (Player) in the series they're racing in, and Ill move onto single play.

    (Single Play)
    Single Race:
    simple, just a single race, nothing super amazing to do here.

    Custom Racing Series:
    giving the players the ability to create their own racing series, and have the ability to save it to a file, for multi-player use/league game modes.
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    List seems too generic to be of much use.

    Lets get more specific.

    AI - it would be nice if the AI could avoid puddles like human players do. Not simple I'm sure with puddles varying in size and effect and clearly in some situations you have to drive through them. But this is a wish list

    Physics - I recently compared set-up options on the PC1 Clio Cup with the PC2 Clio Cup and I like that the restriction on setup options is more realistic in PC2. I would like this to extend to limited slip diffs too. In GT3 cars in RR, ACC, rF2 and iRacing the ramp angles/% locking are not adjustable while in PC2 they are. Alternatively it would be nice if the PC2 defaults were those actually used which judging by RR figures they are not currently.

    Physics - vintage tyres for vintage cars - PLEASE. Maybe have modern tyres as an option with vintage as default.

    Weather - I know having developed Livetrack 3 there is a huge temptation to show off those puddles, but in reality, races are usually stopped in heavy rain. For "realistic" racing you have the option of light rain or rain. It would be nice to have more options on the lighter side of precipitation.

    Weather - while we on the subject of realistic racing weather perhaps the option to race on snow could be restricted to cars that might conceivably do this. I am a bit torn on this - the snow option has proved popular for "fun" races, and PC3 is aiming to be more fun. But apart from the snow option grating with my purist side, I worry that the development time needed to allow GT3 and Indycars to race on snow detracts from higher priority areas but perhaps having already done it for PC2 it won't save development time to eliminate it for PC3.
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    Agree with David, "better" needs to be defined properly every time you use the word.

    BTW we already had this thread which implicitly is a pC3 wish list thread. I'm all for collecting feedback and ideas, but please in one place. Since the title of this thread is better without any assumptions hidden in it, let's use this one to at least gather all ideas in one place. No promises that SMS will read it, though.
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