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Thread: [NO CHAT]Project CARS 3 Wishlist & Ideas

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    • Lots of good suggestions in here. I would love to see more V8 Supercars (New Mustang, Fusion, Holden's) and tracks in the game.
    • Improved physics would be awesome too, they put drift cars in the PC1 and PC2 and they were next to impossible to control.
    • Improved replay sense of speed. I always thought watching the replays looked pretty tame compared to what it 'should' look like.
    • Also, when racing online, make it so you can change the class from say GT3 to Rally without having to create a new lobby. Sometimes you want to mix things up with your friends and it requires backing out, making a new lobby and sending out all the invites. Not sure if this is just console thing but it gets kind of annoying after a while.
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    - more clubracing cars (firs on wishlist are cars from Lotus (Elise, Exige, Evora, Motorsport Elise), second Porsche, then KTM, Radical etc.)
    - laser scanned tracks
    - a better penalty system
    - better ai
    - a pass road or mountain race

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exige.S1 View Post
    - a better penalty system
    - better ai
    Could you elaborate on what 'better' means in both cases? Most of us do have a general idea what you're suggesting, but there may be specifics from your point of view that could add to the general view.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sankyo View Post
    Could you elaborate on what 'better' means in both cases? Most of us do have a general idea what you're suggesting, but there may be specifics from your point of view that could add to the general view.
    For me:
    - More consistent times between quali-race, I mean in human levels. Humans in PCARS2 easily do race lap times within 1 second of their quali time, they AI does quali several seconds faster in quali.
    - More consistent AI skill between tracks, for the same setting, although I know this is not easy.
    - More consistent AI skill for all corners of a given track. In some corners they are super humanly fast and in other corners of the same track they are extremely slow, like sitting ducks. The carousel in Watkins Short for example, or the hairpin in Long Beach
    - Should have a lot better race craft. The way they are now, they will always attempt a dive bomb, even if they are 50m behind the human driver at the braking point, so if you take the normal racing line that you are entitled to, they will always ram you. On the contrary, when you are behind them, they never take a defending line.

    Btw, I still think the AI in PCARS2 is generally better that in all other sims, except AM maybe. In all others I find it completely disastrous.
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    AI to receive penalties for things such as pit lane speeding and track limits.
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    Realistic track limits system
    - No additional penalty time added when you have already lost time in track and got passed by 5 cars after a brief off track moment
    - Allow racing lines that are always used in real life, but are considered invalid in PCARS2
    - No more "give back position" warning to cars that are crashed on the track or are just making their pit stop
    - No more invalidation of the next lap, if you do a small mistake in the previous one, 5 corners and 2 walls before the final corner
    - Give some kind of indication of how much of a slow down is needed, when this is required. Right now we have absolutely no idea.
    - Give us an option to use a x-strikes system, and/or an option to make the system more/less lenient as we see fit with a slider.
    Realistic curb behavior
    Replays with jump in time functionality
    Stable multiplayer
    More sophisticated safety system, right now having an F or S license makes no difference at all in representing race behavior.
    Allow us to turn off the skill rating system, with safety enabled. Or make it a true ELO system instead, so people cannot go farming points, or be afraid of losing them
    Remove exploits
    Make fuel on board have a realistic impact on lap times
    Way, way, WAY less bugs
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    - #1 more realism in engine sounds
    - random date and time of day as well as weather
    - multiplayer matchmaking with curated races
    - buy unlock new car parts
    - livery editor
    - more tv replay cams and higher lod
    - cross platform racing.. increase lifespan
    - tuning market to share setups
    - fix or look into the pendulum effect Ffb
    - support and develop the game longer 2 or 3 yrs
    - more details bird leaves papers
    - breakable objects on the side of the tracks
    - more better particles effects smoke
    - increased lod
    - more cars on tracks in sp and mp
    - faster load times
    - seamless joining online session.. no lag
    - live tuning while on track (overlay tuning options)
    - live Ffb setups while on track (overlay)
    - ability to change cars without exiting session
    - track day / car meet mp option
    - do not make this game Madbox exclusive! Lol
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    I would like pcars3 to include more disciplines more fully but with a modular approach to the increased content. The base game may for example include some rally cross with the option to buy a more complete representation of the discipline.
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    Get rid of F1 classics. Group 7 cars and more sports prototypes like the Porsche 904
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    More realism - Propper working clutch
    - Engine damage affecting power and random risk of sudden engine blow up when you over rev it /miss shift
    - Flat tires
    - Oil on track
    - Interior sounds that are like in ACC ...
    - Exterior sounds that are like in ACC ...
    - usable telemetry
    - radar instead of arrows

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