Hello fellow racers and especially MAD.

Since the latest patch getting disconnected from lobbies in MP is a reaccuring thing....
I never take the time to write a post here,
but this is getting rediculus!
Today it is even worse....

Just got disconnected from a lobby, lost 18 points! That takes a lot of races to get those points back.
Maybe even impossible as today I could not finisch a single MP race!
No I don't even want to compete affraid of loosing any more points.
I had this issue 3 or 4 weeks back too. Thought it was from not playing for a while, because as
time went by, it looked to be getting better.
The weeks that followed I raced a lot to get my "S" ranking and last week I did!!!!!
Having only raced a few races a dat since then, I was shocked/frustrated to get disconnected
in all the lobbies since yesterday. Fortunatley only in Qually, but last lobbie it held to the race.
Come race time I got disconnected after just one lap....
My "connection" bar is always green, so there is no bad internet.

When the loading screen takes me back to the main menu after being disconnected,
the damn game can't even find any lobbies. With a bit of bad luck the game crashes on the
loading screen!

Sometimes the game shits itself after calibrating the pedals and pressing the return button.
But the most obvious old bug is when for instance sellecting a race offline. The game freezes a few seconds.
Not hearing the sound of "entering" your choise and the game freezes the screen for a few seconds.
Leaving yourself questioning if you have even pressed the select button. When pressing again one will remember that old bug quickly, as the game doesn't react but all of a sudden starts to load.

With the game's first release this was an issue too...., and Yippie, it's back!!!

I am not asking for a lot, but could you guys please get that fixed.
240+ hours playing this game tells it's one of my favourites, but slowly but surely it's becomming
a dragg to play.
Even being affraid of entering a lobby for getting disconnected and loosing a lot of points. Even entire lobbies get shut down. 16 people loosing points and eventually interrest in what was,
a great game.

Beginning to smell like Bethesda......


Thank you