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Thread: Logitech G920 for Xbox one steering set up for a novice

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    Logitech G920 for Xbox one steering set up for a novice

    Iím really new to racing with a wheel and I need a base set up and I donít really get what all the settings mean...... at the moment I feel the set up isnít bad but it needs dailing in.... I want the steering to be slightly heavier as it feels too light and a little more feel on what the tyres are doing.... any help people could give would be appreciated as Iím a complete novice.

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    Increase volume for more weight but check the ffb widget in the lower left of the telemetry screen for any clipping shown by the red bar on the right. Access telemetry screen by cycling through options with x or assigned key for that function.

    Lower tone for increased tyre feel and contact patch feedback, increase volume with lower tone to maintain desired weight

    Immersive flavour is strong with seat of the pants forces high to give a proxy for car g forces.
    Informative gives a clearer feel for suspension and tyre forces and as with immersive has a compressor that narrows the dynamic range of the signal so all forces can be rendered on a low torque wheel such as yours.
    Raw is a more direct interpretation with a larger dynamic range and is more nuanced but can feel undramatic to some racers.

    I advise gain 100 at all times, but I would suggest that you have a good fiddle about as his is an area where preferences vary and here is no holy grail that will make you faster.

    FX above zero should be used with caution in my view as this boosts collision and impact effects and this can feel exciting it can also mask more useful outputs.

    Finally it is important to have your wheel rigidly mounted to avoid dulling of higher frequency sensations like texture. When I got round to reinforcing my home made crappy rig I felt as if my wheel was upgraded.

    As for pedals set a small deadzone, mine are 2, to avoid accidental menu inputs and set the brake deadzone to match the point where the barks pedal gets stiff as it hits the zone of higher resistance.
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    Many Thanks.... I will give it a try when I next go online
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