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Mojofilter used Stu's setup. He had to adjust it but he really liked it. He runs 2 hour races typically. It's a patch 5.0 setup, the Nisan got a HP Boost and new tires with this patch. The 7.0 patch shouldn't have hurt the performance. You can share Stu's Spa setup and see if you like it.
I think Mojofilter was running 2:03/4's after adjustments. He won't run a pad setup which is why I gave him Stu's wheel setup. You ran the Nissan at the Tri-Oval, as far as I can tell we are about 0.100 quicker there compared with Shooters patch 5.0 run.

Rinpoku has rear toe to 0.6, Stu is at 0.0. Maybe he has toe increased because of his pad.

Were you able to get your setups to work on the 98? Oops, I see you responded in General. Anyway the reason Bealdor asked is there is a known issue with too many saved setups. You can make a folder and save screenshots of your setups to it so you can delete some of your old setups to see if this helps.
Welll, only in some conditions I can do 2:03 at race, but I don't know why at TimeTrial I have more difficulty to improve my own laptime with same race setup.