Hello all,

I am new to this forum. I have been simming all my life and I just recently went from a controller to a T300RS in combination with a playseat challenge which makes it absolutely more realistic. However I do experience some issues with my playseat and I hope someone is able to advise what to do.

My bodylength is 5FT and 11 INCHES and my bodyweight is 242 LBS. When my playseat is in more upright position I have two major issues:

1) My knees are touching the steerbar in a more upright position.
2) My elbows and hands are in such position I can not full lock my wheel which on some tracks makes it hard to make sharp turns.

The solution would be to put the seat in a more reclined position, but when I do that I think my weight is too much for the velcro straps to support resulting in me lying on the floor. (Learned it the hard way.. )

Playseat claims that the seat is suitable for length between 120 cm and 220 cm and in terms of weight between 20 kg and 122 kg.

Am I doing something wrong? As I did hurt my knee pretty bad during this experience I dont wan't this to happen again. Maybe I do need some longer velcro straps if these are available to support my weight in more reclined positions.

Thank you for reading my topic and many thanks for your ideas.

Best regards,