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Technically, it is an issue, it should not be switching resolution to 640x480. But like I said, the HDMI and HDCP is different on the X. Maybe a conflict with your HDMI cable (if you didnt use the included X cable) or a compatibility issue with your TV. I do not think its the system itself causing it though.

As far as the menu color changing. I have no idea, I do not even pay attention to that stuff to be honest. I just play my games lol If you truly feel like something is wrong, send it back and get a new one.
Nope - thing wrong with the console - it annoyed me that's all the alternating profile colour for icons and borders - so I just set it back to the default green.

I am using the HDMI cable supplied with it. I don't think my 10-year old TV supports anything beyond HDMI 1.3 and the One X comes with the HDMI 2.0 cable, is that right? Maybe that's causing compatibility issues when set to "auto detect".

Aside from these 'minor annoyances', console is performing flawlessly.