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Thread: Momentary Hang

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    Quote Originally Posted by PostBox981 View Post
    I had that happen once on Nurburgring Combined, lasting for a whole race. Next day it was gone.

    Do you have that all the time on all tracks and all cars, no matter what?
    When I had that happen, it started about at the end of the Q session and then with the race start it became a little worse. From counting the seconds in my mind, it happened reliably every ten seconds for the rest of the session. So at least we can exclude a momentary bottleneck with some extremely demanding scenery in some place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sankyo View Post
    The momentary hanging is definitely not common, at least going by how many people complain about it here. It has been mentioned a few times by different people in the past, also during development, but that usually had to do with track detail and/or non-optimized states of tracks.

    What is important information, is whether it always happens on the same spot on a track or not. However, since you're saying that it only starts happening after a while, I'm guessing that something in your system starts bottlenecking, and either your CPU needs to catch up or there is some HDD activity that interferes.

    The flickering is a texture thing (assuming that it's reproducible), which may be related to the track detail setting (and would be a bug then).
    The COTA flicker is very reproducible, happens almost every lap.

    It's not really "after a while", it's random. Sometimes I think I've fixed it when it takes a few laps to happen, just now I got it before making it out of the pits.

    I think I have a probable cause but because my testing method is basically "drive laps without causing a load for a while", testing it is slow. It seems it's my wireless networking card which on a previous windows instance had been causing DPC latency issues. I hadn't noticed it acting up for some time, and thought it was an oddity of that old installation. I had expected such an issue to show up in any game regardless of how stressful they are, because bad DPC latency can cause problems for just regular video playback, but I guess stressing the system makes it more vulnerable to such things? BTW, the old DPC latency checker tool doesn't work properly on anything past, I wanna say, windows 7? You want to use LatencyMon for newer versions.
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    Further update: disabling my wifi card and stretching a network cable to my router hasn't fixed the problem. I'm back to square one for the moment. I did conclusively discover that the game does not recognise inputs while its frozen, I tried to gear change during one and didn't get it.

    Edit: Of all the... This is supposed to be in the project CARS 2 forum.
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    Thread closed, as per opening a duplicate in the correct forum.
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