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Thread: Powercurves & Hi-points

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    Powercurves & Hi-points

    Is this data simulated? Or accessable? As in the following picture:

    If so where can I find this information! Thanks!

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    It's simulated and dependant on manifold pressure. (Which is dependant on ambient air pressure, restrictor size in combination with intake speed and sometimes boost pressure)
    It's hidden, as it's sensitive info for manufacturers. But it's easily acessible in telemetry. You'll have to process the data yourself to make actual curves though...
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    I have written an app that draws the curves from telemetry while you are driving. If you want, send me an email to cpcdem at protonmail dot com and I'll send it so you can have a look. Or if you want ask for the curves for a specific car and I will post an image here.
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