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Thread: HEX value for gear status

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    Question HEX value for gear status


    I am writing a tool that harvests the telemetry data from the udp packet (type 0 which is car physics), and having some problem. I want to read out which gear the car is in currently.
    based on the downloadable official .hpp file:

    unsigned char sGearNumGears; // 45 1

    Which means from byte 45 i have to read 1 byte to gather the status. But even in float, or int it is giving me a number like 112, 127 etc... which i associated with the actual gears.

    BUT when I change car, the values are also changing. (for example N is not 127 but 98 etc...)
    Am I doing something wrong or the gear indicator hex value is based on individual cars, meaning I have to write it for all the cars..?

    I dont have issue with the speed and the rpm - i can extract them without issues, they are properly represented(they are also in the same packet)

    Thanks for the tips.

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    Ok found the solution… at position 45 i just read simply the second character instead of both and then it is reporting the proper gear.
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