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Thread: [ANSWERED] Clutch issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by TekNeil View Post
    Possibly a little confused between 'dog box', and 'dog leg'.

    Dog leg is purely the pattern (1st gear left and down instead of left and up).
    Dog box, clutchless meshing.
    Sequential, clutchless meshing with a simple and fast forward/backward pattern.
    Wouldnt be the first time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maskmagog View Post
    ... . Could I (in theory at least) save time by turning autoclutch off, and start using the clutch pedal?

    For modern race cars with sequential gearboxes, sure. Turn auto clutch off. Use your clutch pedal moving from a stop then paddle shift without the clutch. You should see a small gain in acceleration.
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    Thanks Keena and hkraft, will try it.
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