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Thread: Rattling FFB with G27 (no smoothing or filtering settings?)

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    Rattling FFB with G27 (no smoothing or filtering settings?)

    This sim is horrible with a G27,I have set Fx to 5 and still get rattling in my G27.

    Iracing and Assetto Corsa don't do this because they have smoothing or filtering settings for ffb.

    Is there a way of adjusting the filtering in the custom FFB txt file?

    Driving me nuts atm.

    P.S. this is for the Steam PC version of the game.

    I do own the first Project Cars on PS4 which works quite well with the DS4 gamepad using the directional gyro type control on the device.

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    The rattling you lambast is high frequency variations in the ffb signal often from tyre skitter. That wheel does tend to be a bit noisy as it is gear drive.

    Try higher tone and lower volume if that causes clipping but you might loose some useful feedback if you go too high with tone. Drop FX to zero, which isn't actually zero but unboosted.
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