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Thread: Time-Trials laps are not saved / uploaded to the leader-board

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    Exclamation Time-Trials laps are not saved / uploaded to the leader-board

    Dear PC2 Devs & Community,

    I recently purchased the PC2 Deluxe Edition for my PS4 Pro, to be able to race with some friends who are on console only.
    I own PC1 and PC2 for PC on Steam and played many hours, and never had this problem.

    My friends and I living in different regions of the world, therefore the only chance to battle each other is the really great Time Trails mode in PC2, where you are able to add multible Ghosts and compete against each other.
    Actually this is the only mode we use... and since my move to PS4 its almost not working at all.

    My times are not tracked, no matter what I do. I have somehow managed to get ONE valid time in Brno but it also does not update if I do a better time.
    I raced RB Ring 30 minutes with many valid laps, but if I leave those times are not updated to the leader-board.
    I tried to set times in Monza, Laguna Seca, RB Ring with different cars, multible clean laps and even 15 minutes "stay in the middle of the track" driving to make sure they are valid.
    No update, not on the leader-board or personal best, it does not show up. I have waited 24h+. Same issue.

    I can see my friends times just fine, some are without ghosts, but I can see them.
    All the other leader-board results are visible to me, I can change the filter etc, but I cant see mine, and my friends cant see them as well.

    I can join custom races with them, those times are displayed correctly.

    I have a valid PS+ sub atm, and I have lots of free hdd internal and external on my PS4, the console is up to date as well.

    Troubleshooting Steps so far:
    I reinstalled PC2 on the internal HDD and on my external SSD
    I deleted the PC2 data from the PS4 storage and started everything from scratch
    I deleted the GHOST data from the storage
    I drove different cars on the same track over and over again and yes, I know how a valid round works, I have done 5+ valid rounds in a row still not saved
    I port forwared ALL PS4 related ports directly to my PS4
    I changed DNS servers for my PS4

    It would be great if you could help me on this one, my PSN Tag is "n0aimatall-"
    I never had this issue on PC, all the times have been available instant, for every track or car.

    Your Support team directed me here to post my issue as it seems they canīt do anything about it.


    p.s. a Ghost File is somehow created and stored in the ps4 storage, but I even cant race my own Ghost.
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    I'm gonna guess what the cause is:
    On consoles, time trial mode is severly hampered by Sony and Microsoft limitations. Therefor laps are not saved for every car, only your fastest time in the current class is saved. Classes in this case are huuge, for example all open wheelers are in the same class. So if you set a time in a Formula X, your times (at the same track) with other open wheelers (Formula Rookie, Formula A etc) will not be saved, unless they're faster than the Formula X lap.
    I'm working on something to at least store all lap times, See links in my signature.
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    Thank you Maskmagog for your answer.
    I know that the classes are huge, we normally specify one track and one class for the week and start to race it. Most of the time we are GT3 anyway.

    My issue is that none of my times are saved. I can see the scores of my friends, but mine are not there. No matter what car/class I use, or how long I wait.

    It seems to not happen on ever track, for example I was able to get a time on Laguna Seca yesterday, but for the RedBull Ring I donīt see ANYTHING and I raced the track for 200km already according to the stats.

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